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You can’t wait to see what mortals they dare
Only to speak about in whispers of the dark

You’re on the way that anxious have lost
Threatened by sanity
Reason laughs with vanity

Fiery moon in the sky
You can’t wait to face it
Your heart is racing

EdGuy – The Realms of Baba Yaga



Welcome to my page! My name is Mike Wigington, and I am a writer. This is where I put my thoughts and things that go bump in my head. I love adventure and stories of adventure. I grew up on tales of King Arthur, King David, Hercules, Audie Murphy and other heroes. In regards to heroic deeds and tales of those who dare to take up the mantle of hero and walk that lonely path, I have never grown weary of hearing such tales. So much so that I now wish to put heroic deeds in writing myself. It is an homage of sorts. I loved Beowulf in school when others disdained that epic read. Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey is another great read. I spent days enthralled by The Scarlet Pimpernel. The list can go on and on.

People needs heroes. We need to see the heights to which we can attain and a hero gives us that. That is what I want to bring to the world. That sense that Adventure’s call summons a hero that the world needs in some way. To show us, we mere mortals, what we can dare to achieve. Ask yourself, who do you find yourself cheering for? An immortal, which cannot be killed? Or the mere mortal that challenged the gods and by his sheer will power and a bit of luck brought them down. It is the mortal of course. For an immortal being to perform heroic deeds is not heroic at all. What have they to lose? But the mortal, we have everything to lose, and yet, we dare to gain the heights, to bring heaven to us. We aspire to be more than we are. We aspire, in the words of the band Olympus Mons, to write our names in the Book of Memories.

Adventure calls, will you take up the quest?

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Email: mwigington@gmail.com

The inspiration for the title of this blog, as you can see, comes from that song by one of my favorite bands. EdGuy! If you like rock/metal check them out!



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